Investing in the Startup Entrepreneur dream.

BitsApp Exchange is issuing an ICO, The BACI Token.
A limit of 5 million BACI will be created, never to be increased.
Ethereum with ERC-20 will host BACI.

Tokens Invested



BitsApp Token Coin (BACI)

For the Crypto investor, BitsApp is the next generation South African Crypto Exchange, where you can trade the most recognised crypto coins (BTC, ETH, LTC) saving up to 50% of fees through BitsApp Coin (BACI)

  • Token Ownership
  • Attractive Return on Investment
  • In Demand Concept


Adaptive Platform Software

Offers you more than the ability to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. Security not yet seen in the industry & backed up with Fidelity and Cyber insurance cover. Audited on a quarterly basis by parties registered.

  • Security, Anonymity, and Support
  • Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Crypto
  • User-friendly Interface

Investing in Entrepreneurs

Our focus will be to enable and ensure that Entrepreneurial Startup's, with the environment in mind, have the required funding and guidance to achieve their goals, ultimately aiding the South African economy.


  • Equity Investing
  • Optimization of Startup
  • Professional Guidance

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Top End Security

  • Registry Lock Security
  • Anti-DDoS Modules
  • Web Protocol Security
  • Cold Wallet Storage
  • Multiple Cloud Backups
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Please note that while every effort has been made to keep this process as simple and uncomplicated as possible, we will only be accepting payment for BAC Tokens Using Ethereum (ETH) from a ERC 20 wallet